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Hydraulic Repairs and Services

SAI Motors and brake assemblies for steel rolling mills.

Currently the first stands (rougher stands) are opening all over the world so wrenches are placed in most places to hold them in place. Very dangerous and against OSHA rules. We put our custom-made friction discs in them and they are lasting many years (need old/used disc to resurface.)

• The steel mill, Charter Steel, in Saukville, WI. has had our friction discs installed about 7 years ago and the rougher stands are still not opening.

Steel rolling mill press plate cylinders are leaking out of the rod, months after a rebuild.

No matter who rebuilds them. We have redesigned the internals to not leak soon after install. We have redesigned the piston and head assembly. In almost all steel mills that have a Sund/Brista coil compactor, the press plate cylinders that squeeze the two platens together leak no matter the hydraulic repair facility that rebuilds them.

• The press plate cylinders we installed at Charter Steel in Saukville have not leaked in the last 5 ½ years and counting. The last one lasted 4 ½ years.

Hydraulic pump repair of all brands.

We perform a complete tear down, analyze all parts and specs and determine what needs to be replaced. Pumps are rebuilt to OEM spec or better. Pumps are then tested on our 100 HP test stand. The parameters of pressure, temperature and flows all feed into our computerized test stand and a test sheet is printed out.

Hydraulic motor repair of all brands.

We perform a complete tear down, analyze all parts and specs and determine what needs to be replaced. Motors are rebuilt to OEM spec or better. The motors are then tested by applying back pressure to the output to test for leaks and proper operation.

Hydraulic cylinder repair of all brands, shapes, sizes and styles.

We perform a complete tear down of the cylinder then take numerous measurements including but not limited to rod, straightness, roundness, thickness of chrome, rod bearing clearance, piston bearing clearance, proper seal groves etc. Rods can be polished, re-chromed and manufactured new with our vast chromed bar stock selection. We have a full machine shop to manufacture all parts.

Hydraulic valve repair of all brands.

Valve spools are ground and plated then ground to custom fit the housing, after the housing is honed to remove all imperfections. The valves are then tested prior to shipping.

Hydraulic Engineering Services, Inc. is the only Certified Repair for Hyva Cylinders.

These cylinders can replace, but not limited to the following: Mailhot, Commercial, Parker, Heil, Hyco, Custom hoist, etc. We are a stocking Hyva Distributor for Wisconsin and Minnesota!

Custom bent hydraulic fluid lines.

Metric and SAE. Custom made hydraulic hoses from 1/4” to 5000 psi 2” hose.

Field Service by certified technicians.

Some 4x4 service trucks, some with 20’ cranes up to 6000 lbs. capacity. Crane truck setup with welder and air compressor to make on-site work more efficient and economical.

Items for sale.

• New and used. Used can be bought as is or rebuilt.

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